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Theoretical Frameworks

Within this section of my portfolio you will find the three topics which have guided this research: (1)  identity, (2) disability as a taboo subject, (3) the models of disability, including the social and medical models of disability.


These three concepts link together to create the lens through which this project stems from. Within society, individual identity development allows for people to create their perspective on how they see the world. This can lead onto taboo, as some people portray disabled people in a negative light and do not feel comfortable around them, their experiences they have encountered throughout life may contribute to this perception, and therefore a sense of taboo develops. This notion of unease, loosely links to the models of disability and how society as a whole sees disabled people and how they should or could interact with disabled people to make their life better.  

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Models of Disability


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Identity is a huge part of how people perceive themselves, especially those with disabilities, to find out more, click here.

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