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Project Analysis

Much Taboo About Nothing allowed other musicians with disabilities the opportunity to perform and be seen primarily as musicians and not by their disabilities. As this project was arts-based, the show was a way to find out; from the performers, what barriers are holding back musicians with disabilities achieving their full potential. As well as what support can be put in place for musicians with disabilities to promote their work to wider audiences, and specific ways into facilitating song writing. 


In this section, I discuss the findings from the show and how this has informed my research questions:

  • What are the social and personal barriers that may hold back musicians with disabilities achieving their full potential within the music industry?  

  • What support can be put in place for musicians with disabilities/young people to be able to promote their work to a wider audience? 

  • How can song writing workshops with disabled people around ‘disability taboo’ be approached in a manner that is not biased or facilitator-led? 

And how it met the aims of this project:

  • To produce a show with musicians with and without disabilities to promote our shared identity as musicians.  

  • To break down the barrier of disability being a taboo subject through music and humour 

  • To create new repertoire with young people with the aim of sharing it to wider audiences

  • Through the process of developing, performing and analysing Much Taboo About Nothing, to identify the barriers that musicians with disabilities face when gaining a profile in music performance, and,

  • To highlight the support that can be put in place to enable musicians with disabilities to excel in their field and promote their work 





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